BRONCO TRMR Half rack 4 Door quick look


  • Overall height added to your Bronco- 3.845" from the center of the hardtop or 3.345" from the highest point of the hardtop (outer edges).
  • Static load rating for half-rack: 300 lbs evenly distributed across the rack
  • Dynamic load rating for half-rack: 150 lbs evenly distributed across the rack
  • These ratings are rated and measured WITH optioned Pak Rax. The Pak Rax allows for the distribution of weight to the body of the Bronco allowing the best stability and carrying load capacity.

Attributes of the TrailRax Modular Roof Rack for the Ford Bronco:

  • Higher weight capacity than the OEM roof rack and others
  • Easy bolt-on install
  • Wind deflector to minimize annoying wind noise issues
  • All 3/16 Aluminum construction to avoid any rust
  • Low profile to fit in garages and more
  • Offer the ability to remove the front and middle MIC hardtop panels
  • Half-rack will mount to the rearmost portion of the MIC hardtop and will not exceed past the middle panel