What is TrailRax?

What is TrailRax?

We are often asked, “What is TrailRax?” or “What does TrailRax do?”. The answer to that question could be very simple or long and complex. You see, our original goal here was to create an overland storage solution that was unlike any other. It is a solution with a sleek look and an overall versatility that assists users in their overland adventures. That goal has since grown into something much more extensive since 2018.

The TrailRax Crew

So how do we answer the question, “What is TrailRax?”. We can say that TrailRax is a unique overland storage solution that keeps you from cutting your adventure short. But there is much more to TrailRax now since 2018. Since then, TrailRax has gone from solely selling a product to a consumer to becoming a community. Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, what we call The TrailRax Crew has been a growing community of adventure thrill-seekers.

The TrailRax Crew community is what we hoped would form, but did not expect to be what it is today. Seeing all of the community members post on social media, seeing rigs drive by with a Pak Rax or a Gullwing Bed Rack, and best of all, meeting those parts of the community is truly something special to us. Meeting the community members and hearing their stories of how they’ve used our products is something that still gives us great pleasure.

The TrailRax Team

In the beginning, TrailRax was an idea created by a young, passionate entrepreneur who wanted to create something extraordinary for the overland community. This entrepreneur turned this idea into a reality with the Pak Rax design. From paper to metal and on his very own Jeep Wrangler JK, TrailRax was born. Adam, the entrepreneur that started it all just from an idea, created something that changed the overland community for the better.

He started this idea, drove many people to follow the passion and join The TrailRax Team. From product designers, marketing teams to warehouse work, The Team has been growing with the same goal and drive since 2018. Teamwork has been a driving force here, helping us reach our goals so that we could create a product that not only makes the customer happy, but gives them a reason to go back and adventure the backcountry.


So, what is TrailRax? TrailRax is an idea born into reality by one person, which is now much more. TrailRax is a team, a community, and a passion. Our goal is to make an overland storage solution for the overland community, grow our TrailRax Crew community, and keep that passion alive. Ambition is a burning force within every heart working at TrailRax. We want to provide the best products to our customers.

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