What Events TrailRax Is Attending In 2023

We get asked a lot on what events TrailRax plans to attend. As a small company, we do our best to attend every event we can to do our best to spread the word on our brand. TrailRax is a growing brand and events are a huge help to growth and expansion. Going to these events gives us a chance to meet customers and to do our best to create a community of people who share similar passions in Overlanding and Off-roading. TrailRax as a whole loves to attend events and hear the experiences our customers have gotten from using our products. We go to these events to show off new products to test the popularity or demand the product might have which helps us gauge what products to focus on and where to put our efforts. TrailRax is very excited to see everyone at all the events we plan to go to in 2023.

The first event we plan to go to for 2023 is Bronco Safari happening in May 2nd- 6th in Moab, Utah. This event is similar to the old Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. this will be our first time at Bronco Safari and we are hoping it will be a fun time on the trails with everyone!

The second even of the year we plan to attend is Overland Expo West. This Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona occurs in May 19-21. This event has been around for awhile and this is one of our very successful events. Tons of people from around the Western region come to Overland Expo West. The event is well put together and offers camping around the event which allows attendees to experience overland camping as well as meet brands like TrailRax and see new products coming to market. For the year of 2023, we will be located at C7. We will be boasting our Bronco build (phase 1) with our TrailRax Modular Roof Rack with some new accessories we have been able to put together. We also will be showing off some NEW products featuring a well known photographer in the industry as a special guest with us! Stay tuned for those details. A Tacoma build of ours maybe making an appearance as well at a TBD booth location! We will also have a 4 door Bronco at the Heretic Lights booth, B5, Where this Bronco will be sporting some of our products that are coming to market. We are extremely excited to show off our new products coming. See you at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ!

The third event we are going to is Overland Expo Pacific North West (PNW). This Overland Expo in Bend, Oregon occurs in July 7-9. This is Overland Expos second time in the Pacific Northwest and we are excited to attend and meet tons of customers that are from this area. This location in Bend, was our favorite venue to be at last year. The weather and scenery is absolutely spectacular. At this event we will be showing the FINAL form of our Bronco Badlands that we have partnered with RPG offroad and Advanced Fiberglass on, we are so stoked to show you this one! TrailRax is excited to be showing off more Bronco products coming to market here as well as some new Ford & Toyota roof racks coming. We will also have a Bronco in the booth showing off the Bronco Pak Rax and TrailRax Modular Roof rack. We are excited to see everyone and show you the new products that we have put together at TrailRax. See you at Overland Expo Pacific North West in Bend, OR!

The fourth event we are going to is Overland Expo Mountain West (MW). This Overland Expo in Loveland, Colorado occurs in August 25-27. This is Overland Expo's 3nd annual time doing this event and we are excited to attend! Just like our plans for Overland Expo Pacific North West, we plan to attend with a Bronco and hopefully our newest member in our fleet. More to come on that for our Instagram and Facebook page. See you at Overland Expo Mountain West!


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